Jim is the owner of the largest off road customizing shop in the Westchester New York area says “Check out these awesome Jeep Tweaks taillight guards” He has not only posted out guards on his facebook page but has installed them on his personal truck as well.  Thanks Jim for all your supprt!

Justin Barnes from JB Graphix who is an extreme artist from the TV show Orange County Choppers says “ Looks way cool!! Awesome, these will take off!"

3 Jeep Off Road says “Great idea and product! Genius”.

Peter V. says please make these for the YJ’s. Peter we have this in our plans as we move ahead.

Lou R from New York writes “Yo these look amazing, best of luck, best part is they are made in the USA and not China like everything else we buy”.

David W. Dave was simple and to the point “Way Cool” Thanks David!

Taka E. from Australia asks “where do I get a set” Taka thanks for the inquiry mate J visit us at www.JeepTweaks.com

Kim O. says “Bummer I have a TJ” Kim rest assured that we do have plans to expand our line to models other than JK’s.

Scott from Orlando says “fast shipping great product”. Scott we do our best!

Go Topless Day New Hampshire says “GTD NH want to thank Jeep Tweaks for being a vendor at our event, check them out they kick AS*” GTD we can’t wait for the event!

Scott C. from New York writes “I love this, I will put my jeep friends onto this” Thanks Scott! We appreciate the support.

Jim P. from VA says “Pleasantly Surprised with the guards, received in 2 days, Awesome”. We do our best to get the guards shipped same day!

Karnage Motorsports writes “How do we become a vendor?” Thanks for the inquiry Karange, we will be in touch. These should do great in Florida as we have already had a wonderful response for that area.

OMG - got home from work to find a package at my door!  Opened it up and ran out the door with a screw driver in hand and my NEW Tail Light Covers.  They look amazing . . . just see for yourself! What an amazing product - I'm sure you will be getting orders from around my area once mine. Thanks again, Noreen

Lilly P. I've got em'…Love mine!!

Kelly J. Love mine!!

Tony B. I bought the taillight guards including the third brake light guard. Super fast shipping, They are AWESOME.

Sean D. I have had mine on and people keep asking me where I got them. As much as I don't want to tell because I want to be different, I do send them your way. They Rock!