Q - When should I expect my order to ship?

A - New orders ship within 24 hours of being placed.

Q - How will these items be shipped?

A - Items will be shipped using USPS unless otherwise requested by purchaser.

Q - What part of the country do these ship from?

A - We ship from the North Eastern part of the country.

Q - Can you ship internationally?

A - All international shipping quotes will be determined once the order has been placed and delivery location established. Please email JEEPTWEAKS@GMAIL.COM with delivery address and items you would like to purchase  and we will provide a quote.

Q - What type of fitment should I expect?

A - Product is manufactured using the exact outside dimensions of the stock taillight.

Q - How are these manufactured to ensure quality control?

A - All the guards are manufactured using a CNC machine to ensure exacting standards.  The guards are then tumbled to remove any burrs and powder coated to your choice of color.

Q - What colors do the guards come in?

A - Currently the guards are being offered in Black and Silver. See pictures on web site.

Q - What hardware should I expect to receive with the guards?

A - Included with the guards is an instructional sheet along with 8 black stainless steel screws and 8 spacers to ensure exact fit.

Q - Do you currently have any other designs being produced?

A - We are always exploring other designs, please check back frequently.

Q - Do the guards come shipped as a pair? One for the left, and one for the right light for one price?

A - Yes. The one price includes a pair for both taillights.