As a Jeep® enthusiast and owner of a Jeep® Wrangler for over 20 years, I'm always looking for new ways to make my truck stand out from the rest. Like other Jeepers across the country, I spend a lot of time accessorizing my Jeep. In the past, I've outfitted it with various headlight covers and tail light guards, hoping to create a vehicle that would mirror with my personality.

Over the years, my hobby turned into a passion as I dreamed of creating a product that would be different from all the other off-road accessories on the market. I wanted to create an affordably-priced, unique taillight guards that would attract other Jeep owners looking for that extra special accessory.

As you can imagine, finding something different wasn't easy in a market flooded with aftermarket Jeep® parts, but after months and months of searching catalogs, websites and retail off-road providers, the idea for a design came to me. Countless meetings and brainstorming sessions with my local metal fabricator resulted in intricate yet simplistic design's that today I'm really proud of.

I know the creation of Jeep® Tweaks and the design of these particular product's has satisfied my own curiosity. More importantly, though, I'm confident I have designed a quality product that everyone can afford. Like all entrepreneurs, I'm hopeful that this Jeep® Tweaks product will bring my customers the same sense of joy that I discovered when I first received the prototype.

Driving around town with my cool new tail light guard's has been a blast, not to mention the overwhelming response I've gotten from fellow Jeep owners as well as other car enthusiasts. My intention is to make you as proud of these light covers as I was when I first created them.

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